Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Smoking

Hypnosis in Oakland CA
Use hypnosis to journey to a happier, healthier, more productive life. Step forward from each session with new confidence.

Hypnotherapy, a process that uses guided relaxation to achieve heightened focus and concentration, can heal your mind and body and lead you to a healthier life. Hypnosis is a safe and powerful alternative to common medicine, providing a state of awareness beyond anything you have ever felt before. Block out all distractions and focus on improving your mind and body.

As a certified hypnotherapy practitioner, master hypnotist, and member of the International Hypnosis Federation, I provide my clients with professional hypnosis techniques. I offer services that help you regain your health, be comfortable in a body that supports your well being, and has healing powers for several medical issues. Additionally, I have experience with smoking cessation and weight loss.

Hypnosis can produce rapid behavioral change, reduce anxiety and pain, and address addiction issues. It will increase self-confidence, creativity, and enjoyment while providing the body with energy and vitality. My services can improve perception and memory, eliminate anger and guilt, and alleviate insomnia. Hypnosis will bring you to a state of awareness that allows you to achieve a healthier, happier, and more productive life.

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“Hypnosis, the oldest and most natural mode of healing known to man, is considered to be a potent and safe adjunct to medicine… For thousands of years, philosophers and intellectuals have known that thoughts can control the body’s functions and human behaviors‚Ķ Within all of us there is the potential to uplift, heal and inspire others as well as ourselves.”

The Wizard Within by A.M. Krasner, Ph.D. (page IX)